Flowers Taped To Pens​/​/​Bread Club​/​/​Beds​/​/​Skull Kid - Split

by Flowers Taped to Pens

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4-way split with Bread Club, Beds, and Skull Kid

West coast versus East Coast

our song was recorded in a garage by Erik Jensen
special thanks to Andy Rusinek for helping us mix

Conner: Vocals
Erik: drums/bass/vocals
Ethan: guitar/vocals

art by maxine crump

7" release by Driftwood Records, Mutt Tapes, Cool Shoes Records, Little League Records (EU), Age Crisis Records (AU) , Dingleberry Records (GER).

50// white w/ Lavender splatter (Flowers Taped To Pens)
50// white (Flowers Taped To Pens)
100// pink (Bread Club)
100// blue ( Beds)
100// grey (Skull Kid)

tape release
25// purple tapes
25// grey


released March 8, 2015



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Flowers Taped To Pens - I Suppose It's Just Our Nature
I’ll bite through my cheek
to prove i’m still here
you can’t replace the feeling of
adapting to feel at all

nihilistic, reserved, defensive and not unheard
so praise yourself for
being alive the masochist dance goes on
Soft breath, black lungs, empty sighs, tired cries,
I can’t recall
a time when we cherished our condition

We are insecurities packed in perfectly frail bodies,
isn’t that the complexity that we romanticized?
With a self deprived notion that things won’t get better.

(it’s not perfect thou, I want to simply be buried in ideologies,
i can’t take the pressure of life out of theory ,
awake, embrace, remission so endure, survive, romanticize.)

((It gets better))
Track Name: Bread Club - if your song title is "if your song title has the word 'beach' in it, i'm not listening to it," i'm not listening to it
It's nice to see you lonely cause the weather's looking perfect these days,
and I can show you around my old town. Although I may seem lowly,
you don't have too much to work with anyway;
I implore you to do the right thing.
You set a nice pace, and it's amazing how a human could bounce so fast;
faster than you down jello shots, faster than the kid in school of rock;
when you bounce back please bounce right back to me.
I can have you feeling homey, if only with a little less authority than you're used to;
bug eyes is unmatched in his dadness.
You can tell me all the stories of the last 6 months and I'll decry all the negatives
and affirm all the positives that bely what your problem is; I'm on a beeline for your problems.
Once you were a figurehead, when you figure it out come over
and I'll blow you out of proportion like only I can;
You don't know yourself and I don't know you but let me show you who I am.
I know that I won't get ragdolled again,
I know you don't let your guard down for just any friend;
I thought I'd seen the last of you last year but I'm glad you proved me wrong;
once I was a wrecking ball, but you don't have to keep busting my balls.
Wouldn't do to see you lonely, see you lonely ever again.
If you show me how I'll pick it up, let me know when it's not enough.
Yo tengo mucho que temer de ti, yo tengo mucho que temer de todo mundo,
but in the end you don't know me and I don't know you but you sure know
I've got something to prove.
Track Name: Beds - Sweet Dreams
Not in my dreams
Would my family want me
So I drew a bath again
Laughed then erased it

Not in my dreams

Not in my dreams

Not in my dreams
Would anyone like me
Always in my dreams

Not in my dreams

Not in my dreams

So I say sweet dreams
Track Name: Skull Kid - Avenger's Song
Watch me stumble to the ground
When the lines in my brain,
start ticking away
Start ticking

I don't know anymore,
What I'm doing
Close the door lock me up
I'll try my best

I'll go let me go
Take me home
Take me out
Make me cry
Make me proud

I'm not ready for this yet
All this panic running circles in my head
It won't ever change and it won't go away
until im dead

I don't know anymore, what I'm doing
Close the door, lock me up I'll try my best

I'm not ready for this yet
I'm way too young to be always thinking about death
But it's coming my way, one of these days
It's not okay
Hurry worry hurry me up
Figure this whole thing out