by Flowers Taped to Pens

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As always recorded in a garage by Erik Jensen.

Connie: Vocals
Erik: drums/guitar/vocals
Ethan: guitar/bass/vocals
Silas: drums/guitar/bass/ vocals

album art by Connie Sgarbossa

physical release:

first press: (sold out)
100//baby blue
200// black

casette tape:
100// blue imprinted


released June 7, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Anime Love Story
i am inadequete because i can't make you see yourself the way i wish you could

skin peeled under the golden sun
its worth it to feel anything at all
you said our insecurities fit us so well
narcissistic nature rest in my brain,
bi-polar feelings put me to shame,
but i think i love you and before you are gone
lets watch anime love stories all night long
Track Name: Clever Pessimistic Remarks
i'll sigh under my breath and look but never stare,
ghosts that surround myself just look but no one is there,
I'm tired of the person in the puddle not looking forward to tomorrow,

i'll ask whats left to say i guess i am not okay,
when all have left and no one plays,
i blame myself and i wish that you would stay,
i'll bury myself at the end of the day,
i can't believe when we're just posing in our skin,
all we are are stories buried deep withtin,
my ambitions in a shallow grave no potential just endless blame,

life's a joke and we'll laugh till we die then we'll cry, oh what a waste of time
Track Name: Jack Snes and Jeff Mango
bags under my eyes,
just one coke,
maybe i'll shave my beard today,
stop caring about people i cant see, start cherishing those in front of me, and i'll stay watching anime all day outside too bright and the days too long,
and when the sun has set we'll meet at the alley and we'll skate all night long
( looking back at time thats past, these are friends i hope will last, they see a brighter future in me).

smoke clouds in parking lots, we'll slowly die together,
and we'll skate and cry, cliche and broken lives,
even if you leave my side, broken strings and cancerous themes,
i'll never forget the memory of

just me and my sad friends
Track Name: Somber Eyes
i can't express my regret to you,
you said i'm the devil and you loved me to,
i wish i could tell you you are beautiful and i'm so fucking sorry

taking pictures of your meltdowns inbetween fake frowns,
and those somber eyes
nihilistic tendencies and existential slurs,
I'm going back on everything to forget what i learned,

and when i'm with you,
you answer my cry for help

I hate myself
Track Name: We Are Standing Right Now, What We Build Could Be Anything
you lived through the worst of it and you're helping me through it to.

you said you believe that i could be so much more
(you shed your skin show me how to to)
please help me i cant see the brightest star in the sky,
and i wish things get better wasn't a lie

I can see it in your eyes

I envy your bravery you've seen the worst of me,
I guess we'll wait and see
Track Name: North Migration
It's weird to think about it but we are all throwing ourselves into the abyss, into some unknown environment we like to say we know to an extent, but really don't. I guess i am trying to rationalize it but it's difficult. The monsters out there are way scarier then the ones in my closet, yet we're are so drawn to take those steps outside.
"do you think its because we see something more out there?"
Maybe, but we also know the dangers. Are possibilities something to be feared or celebrated?
"I don't know"
Well we move forward regardless
"are you scared?"

and when you said i could never stay
the wind will sweep me away
the sun is melting the glue
holding these wings that promised more

as summer came and went and out friends took flight, we spent a year collecting the feathers they left behind. Maybe i was wrong, maybe i should stay, but maybe i was lying to myself, and maybe everything will be okay.
but no matter what say,
our futures lay in the North Migration